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From this Web site, you can follow Pink Dog Estate Sales all over northern New Jersey. In every Pink Dog home, you’ll find items organized, well-marked, fairly priced and negotiable.Have a pleasant shopping experience. You’ll want to keep coming back to our sales, wherever we may be!

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Established in 2012 as a private word-of-mouth service, Pink Dog Estate Sales LLC is entirely owned and operated by the Raybeck family: husband Stephen, wife Michelle, son Ian, and our hand-picked, carefully trained team of expert helpers. We formed our LLC, established and joined the three major estate sale Web sites in 2015, and our business and reputation have grown exponentially ever since. We’re now booked for three to four sales per month, we’re always among the highest-ranked companies in terms of viewership on the three major estate sale Web sites, and we always have a line on the first day. We’ve developed excellent relationships with realtors and attorneys all over northern New Jersey. 

A graduate of New Jersey City University and the Asheford Institute of Antiques, Michelle has worked as a journalist and as a high school English teacher, before deciding to turn a hobby in reselling into a career as an estate liquidator. Stephen started out in commercial printing and still maintains a full-time job in school maintenance, balancing his time between serving students and serving Pink Dog’s clients and customers. Ian is an honor student at Community High School in Teaneck, where he has shown particular talent in photography. At Pink Dog Estate Sales, he is a wizard at getting electronics working and demonstrating them to customers, and also provides the kind of muscle most other estate sale companies simply do not have.

The genesis for Pink Dog Estate Sales was actually an eBay store called Pink Dog Trading Post, which we stocked from estate sales for years. We observed what made a well-run estate sale and what made a disaster until we decided to close the eBay store and start our own liquidation service full-time. Our past career experience has taught us how to work professionally and compassionately with all kinds of people, to apply a dedicated work ethic, and to operate with complete honesty and fairness in every aspect of our business.

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