Making it Easy to Sell Your Stuff

Potential Clients

There are many reasons why you might need to sell the contents of a home. Of course, it’s necessary after the death of a loved one, but we also serve many downsizing seniors, divorcing couples, and homeowners faced with the unfortunate ordeal of foreclosure. You’ll get the fairness, kindness, respect and thoroughness that comes from dealing with a close-knit family that cares. From the thorough free consultation and flexible commission (which is often lower than that of competitors), to the comprehensive range of services all covered by our commission with no high minimums or hidden fees, to the credit card services we offer, to the itemized list of sold items you receive with your payment at the end, we take pride in providing the best service in North Jersey. Whether your house is appointed like a gallery with the finest modern furnishings or a hoarder home packed to the rafters with what you think is trash, we have the resources and the know-how to do it right. Before you agree to work with just any company with a cheap commission or outrageous claims about an impossible range of services, talk to Pink Dog Estate Sales and get the best information to make an intelligent decision. This may be the only time you do something like this, and you want your estate sale to be a success. And just to convince yourself that Pink Dog Estate Sales is as good as we say we are, we encourage you to stop by one of our sales and see us in action!


From this Web site, as well as,,, Craigslist, Facebook and our ever-expanding e-mail list, you can follow Pink Dog Estate Sales all over northern New Jersey. You can examine our detailed listings for all our upcoming sales, posted as far in advance as possible and routinely updated as we work on each home. You can reach out to us with questions. We do our best to make your shopping experience a pleasant one, so that you’ll become a Friend of Pink Dog Estate Sales and want to keep coming back to our sales, wherever we may be! And you know you can get top-quality merchandise for a fraction of the retail price, as well as collectible merchandise for less than you would pay from the usual Internet sources.

A Word About Commission...

Commission is a complicated thing, and for many clients, it is a deciding factor in which company to hire, but we encourage you to think about this differently, for the commission you pay may well determine the quality of service you get.

Pink Dog Estate Sales structures our commission based on the quality and volume of merchandise in the home, the challenge involved in preparing the home for the sale, and a general estimate of what we expect it to cost us to run the sale, as determined during your free consultation. We only get paid a percentage of the gross receipts from your sale, which means it behooves us to sell as much as possible at the best possible prices; however, it also means we are taking a big risk when we take on your sale. We do not charge a minimum, and there are no out of pocket costs to you.

A Word About Minimums

Many companies that charge minimums - and those minimums may be as high as $1800 -- do revert to a lower percentage after the sale has grossed a certan amount, but what many clients do not realize is that that magic number may be quite high. Not only that, but regardless of how your sale goes, you still have to pay the company their minimum.

- Companies that charge minimums do not accept credit cards -- Pink Dog Estate Sales does, and we do not charge you for the credit card fees, so you are saving 2-3% off our commission right there.

- Companies that charge minimums staff your sale  with one to two people, while Pink Dog Estate Sales staffs your sale with a minimum of three people, for the security of your home and merchandise, and to provide better customer service.

- Companies that charge minimums often keep their costs down by limiting their set-ups to whatever they can accomplish in one day. We give ourselves three days or more, if necessary, to properly set up your home, and we pay our helpers to assist us in doing it right.

- Some companies that charge minimums are in the habit of running four or five sales a week. It doesn't matter how well each of their sales actually performs, because they are racking up minimums from all of them. You may never meet the owner of the company. With Pink Dog Estate Sales, you will always be communicating directly with Michelle and Steve. 

So you see, while "1800 or 25 percent" may sound lower than what we propose, it's actually going to cost you in the long run, because the quality of service you receive will be inferior. The difference in commission goes to cover our additional expenses, enabling us to provide superior service to you, our valued client.