Making it Easy to Sell Your Stuff

Pink Dog Estate Sales is a full-service estate and moving sale company that walks you through the process from planning to final clean-out. Our goal is to make it easy and profitable for you to clear out unwanted possessions.

No out-of-pocket expenses! We get paid when you get paid.

We respect your wishes, put a value on everything, and  obtain expert appraisals where necessary. We organize and stage your unwanted possessions for easy viewing. We provide tables and jewelry showcases. We have the equipment to test metal jewelry to determine its purity and karat weight.

We photograph everything and handle all online advertising, all as part of our regular, uncommonly low fee. We advertise on nine different, popular Web sites.

Two-Day Sale

We obtain all permits, check local regulations on signage, and place as many signs as the municipality allows to guide visitors to your home.

We station attendants at strategic locations in the house to answer questions, keep things tidy and protect against theft. Our helpers are either family members or close friends whom we trust.

We welcome buyers with coffee and snacks.

Se habla Español.

Ways We're Special

- Spanish speakers on staff.

- We carry $1 million liability insurance and $10,000 inventory insurance.

- We offer eBay consignment.

- We coordinate charitable donations.

- We take credit cards.