Finding Hidden Gems

You'd be amazed at the hidden gems many people have in their homes, things we've dug out of forgotten corners and smashed boxes, or literally rescued from the trash.

The owner was going to throw out these 1960s Casteli Lucite chairs, but we saved them and got $500 for them!

This limited edition Stu Apte fishing reel was found wrapped in a rag in the bottom of a crate. We got $1900 for it.

The owners were surprised that we got $250 each for these stained glass panels.

This family didn't know they had thousands of dollars in gold jewelry. We checked every piece and got them the money they deserved!

These Pez dispensers were in the bottom of a box of broken toys. We got $100 each for them!

This homeowner knew her artist-signed Lladros were special, but she was surprised we got $500 each for them!

These antique Chinese bowls were nothing special to the owner's children, but we knew they were worth $200 each, and that's the price we got!

This 1950s can of Stoegerol gun oil was found in the bottom of a rusted toolbox. The owners were shocked that we got $180 for it!

These 1960s Woodward patio furnishings were found lying on their sides, covered in weeds at the back of a yard.

We got $250 for the set!

This client did not know his dad had valuable coins. We found this $300 Liberty dollar at the bottom of an ashtray full of spare change!

Many owners are unaware that Pyrex is highly collectible. The owners thought this primary color bowl set was worth $5, but we got $60!

This Parker vise was in a shed at the back of the property. We knew it was unusual. It turned out to be worth more than $100!