A Family History

Since 1998, Michelle and Stephen Raybeck have been buying and selling on eBay, and Pink Dog Estate Sales is a natural outgrowth of their resale practice. They know how to find value in old things, and how to prepare and price them for profitable resale.

For the Raybeck family, finding new homes for old things is a labor of love, something from which they derive great satisfaction. Michelle, an alumna of New Jersey City University, speaks Spanish and holds an appraiser's credential from the prestigious Asheford Institute of Antiques. Both Michelle and Stephen have passed rigorous State of New Jersey background checks.

Plenty of Preparation

We take the time to walk through your home slowly, marking the things you want to keep, finding out history, researching value, obtaining appraisals where needed. We photograph everything and place advertisements on multiple popular Web sites. When we open your home to the public, your things will be clean, organized and presented in a way that makes it easy for buyers to examine them.