Pink Dog Estate Sales is a small, family-owned business based in southern Bergen County, New Jersey. We offer a complete array of home liquidation services designed to sell the bulk of your possessions at fair prices, while protecting your home and family. We want you to feel you've been treated fairly and gotten the best service for our commission. Our family honor is on the line every time we enter a client's home, and our goal is for you to feel you've been treated with respect and compassion, and well served from start to finish! 

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There are many reasons why a family might need to sell most of their possessions. A death in the family, a loved one moving into senior housing, mature adults downsizing, relocation or the misfortunes of divorce or foreclosure could all require you to leave behind much of what you own, and rather than waste it all by sending it to the landfill, why not turn it into cash? But don't try to sell your things yourself -- you don't need the aggravation, and you won't get the prices you deserve. Instead, call on Pink Dog Estate Sales, a family home liquidation company with a proven track record of emptying homes and satisfying families across northern New Jersey since 2012.